Importance of sprouted seeds and pulses for your birds


A good reason to feed your bird sprouted seed and pulses

there simply isnt a better food on the market. and your

birds will enjoy and benefit from them. there packed full

of nutrients everything to make your birds happy and

healthy there bursting with trace elements antioxdents

vitamins and minerals enzymes infact there do not contain

anything bad; most people dont sprout because there think

its difficult to do. you could not be more wrong its so simple

i will explain and show you how to sprout in 3 easy steps

 step 1

soak your selected seed in a bowl or pan of water for a few hours.

anywere from 6 to 12 hours will be long  enough no need to soak

for any longer. now give a really good rinsing and drain off any

excess water. put into a container this can be a glass or plastic it really dosen't matter. put the lid on but not tightly.

and place in a dark cupboard till day 2 easy so far.

this is a photo of the seed before it as been soaked

                                                              step 2 day 2

           the only thing you must remember

        you must take the seed and give it a really good rinsing

        this is really important its to stop mould forming on the

        seed. thats it for day 2 simple so far . here s a photo of

        the seed from the second day; 1 from early morning.

       and 1 from late afternoon spot the difference;

        step 3  da y 3                

                      todays the day if you have followed my instuctions

             your seed should be ready to feed to your birds if


      its not quite ready leave for 1 more day. but you

       must remember to give a thourghly good rinsing.

        this is most important and about the hardest thing

       to do. that about all you have to do except feed it

   to your birds here.s some photo s showing the

    perfect sprouted seed and pulses ideal to use

                 on there own or with fruit and veg                


below are some photos of the seed and pulses as there should look when ready for you to feed to your birds. there can be given on there own or with other treats. ie fruit and veg. or with your normal seed. either way you will be giving your birds the best food ever...

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