Hi my name is john.

  and as a hobby i breed parrots.



             African greys:

      Green-cheeked conures:

            most varietys:

      Crimson bellied conures:

        Bluefronted amazons

All british bred birds

I have been breeding parrots for many years now and i specialise in breeding african greys.and green-cheeked conures. and the crimson bellied i also breed the fallow maroon bellied conure: and the bluefronted amazon..



I also hand-rear some of the birds that i breed i always leave the chicks with the parents for at least 14 days before taking for hand-rearing

all my birds are reared on kaytee hand-rearing formula and will only go to new homes when fully weaned..



All my breeding birds are very good birds and it as taken many years to get the birds that i am happy with. and most of them are birds that i have bred myself..



Please have a browse of my website and if you require any information or help you can contact me via contact us page or by clicking the bird below..

2014 season